My vision is to help you live a life of love & liberation by sharing tools you can use to create positive change today.

I'm a yoga instructor, mindfulness guru, and essential oils aficionado who understands the stressors in your daily life, like health, career, relationships and city living. 

Until just recently, I had a pretty sweet but traditional career trajectory in global service. After graduating from Harvard and working in education, I joined the Peace Corps, then two years later landed a gig at headquarters and started building my career in international development. The job I walked away from included foreign travel, decent pay, and the knowledge that I was working toward a greater good. But as good as it was, I just couldn't picture myself doing the 9-5 cubicle lifestyle day-in and day-out forever.

I knew I was meant for something more. Around that time the Universe stepped in and told me to create a life of love & liberation for myself and everyone around me who wanted it too. And so I listened.

Join me in this journey as we create a loving tribe of socially conscious do-gooders who want to live a life of love & liberation.  Find financial freedom by working with me on doTERRA, gain spiritual liberation by taking a yoga class with me in DC, or free up your mind by scheduling a call about meditation coaching.